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Baidu nga Mag-focus sa Autonomous EV Business

Baidu nga Mag-focus sa Autonomous EV Business

Baidu Internet Company is about to develop an autonomous electric vehicle (EV) company. The major stockholder is the Chinese firm with a partial stock from Geely Auto Group.

As there’s a promising prospect on cloud computing and self-driving software, Baidu is keen on expanding its business in these areas as well. The company’s project known as Apollo, a driver-free vehicle, is still being tested in Beijing’s robotaxis. Baidu’s DuerOS technology, Speech and Image Recognition application, can also be used in cars deign.

As the Chinese government aids the auto industry, transforms the infrastructure, and invests in car-related technology, the country’s EV business has been expanding.

In the competitive market with presence of giants like Tesla, Nio, and Xpeng Motors, Baidu tries hard to keep a pace!

Samira H.